Paintings are probably the home accessories you will admire the most in your home. Also, your guests will suddenly notice them as soon as they get into your house or office. nicecasa has selected for you some unique paintings, which have been created to decorate your interiors with innovation and style. If you choose the right picture you’ll be able to create the right atmosphere into a room and to differentiate it from all others.
nicecasa paintings all have a creative design, thanks to their shapes, to their materials and to their processing techniques. They are entirely made in Italy and hand decorated from Pintdecor artists. This proves the excellent product quality and the extraordinary attention to detail for each work of art.

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BEACH - Painting by Pintdecor

Small waves breaking on the beach. This cotton canvas is hand decorated with emb..

193.20€ 230.00€ Ex Tax: 158.36€

BUTTERFLIES DELUXE - Painting by Pintdecor

This picture has a dove grey lacquered stretched canvas structure. On top of the..

302.40€ 360.00€ Ex Tax: 247.87€

CALLA - Painting from Pintdecor

This painting represents one big calla lily flower on a black background.The pic..

193.20€ 230.00€ Ex Tax: 158.36€

CORALMOON - Painting by Pintdecor

This modern decorative painting is made of twelve elements that create an abstra..

336.00€ 400.00€ Ex Tax: 275.41€

DOLCE PENSIERO - Painting by Pintdecor

As a pleasant feeling of being actively involved and remains inside this framewo..

210.00€ 250.00€ Ex Tax: 172.13€

FARFALLE - Painting by Pintdecor

Four colourful butterflies of different dimensions. The cotton stretched canvas ..

252.00€ 300.00€ Ex Tax: 206.56€

FIORI LUCENTI - Painting from Pintdecor

This painting represents a flower arrangement with four embossed elements that g..

302.40€ 360.00€ Ex Tax: 247.87€

FLOWERS PROVENCE - Painting by Pintdecor

The flowers of Provence have inspired Pintdecor artists for this decorative pain..

277.20€ 330.00€ Ex Tax: 227.21€

LIEVE - Painting by Pintdecor

This floral theme painting is made on a stretched canvas with high quality colou..

210.00€ 250.00€ Ex Tax: 172.13€

MANHATTAN - Painting by Pintdecor

Every big city can be recognized by its skyline at night. Most of all, New York:..

294.00€ 350.00€ Ex Tax: 240.98€

MOMA - Painting by Pintdecor

Big, rectangular shaped panel with a black cotton canvas background and five cer..

213.44€ 254.10€ Ex Tax: 213.44€

PAPAVERI BIANCHI - Painting by Pintdecor

Three big, elegant, white poppies on a black background. The frame is covered w..

239.40€ 285.00€ Ex Tax: 196.23€

PROMETEO - Painting by Pintdecor

This painting has eight embossed overlapping decorations, on a dove grey lacquer..

369.60€ 440.00€ Ex Tax: 302.95€

SILVER LADY - Painting by Pintdecor

The ice eyes of the lady shine through the silver tonalities of this big paintin..

268.80€ 320.00€ Ex Tax: 220.33€

SOLAR STORM - Painting by Pintdecor

Picture with the sun in shades of silver and gold, on a black background.The pai..

562.80€ 670.00€ Ex Tax: 461.31€

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