This wall mirror has a triangular shaped frame; it can be hung either pointing down or laterally. 

The mirror frame is realized with MDF and it is coffee-colour lacquered with a semi-glossy finishing. 

The frame decorations are hand made with embossed silver foil details that give the mirror a lot of light and make it precious and stylish. 

This mirror is an important accessory, ideal to make your house or office a modern and glamorous place.

Made in Italy!

Dimensions: cm 63x190 - Mirror: cm 35x140



Pintdecor Pintdecor was born 1976 in Riccione, in the heart of Italian Adriatic Riviera. It was born as a new brand from Adria Artigianato. This company produced products for fine arts such as canvas, easels and similar objects, but also furniture components. The Conti family (owner of Adria Artigianato) soon felt like creating something new. The family wanted bring art and Italian style into everyday home products and accessories. This is where Pintdecor comes from.
The new company gets most of its know-how from the near art schools in Riccione. A lot of young artists are ready to give this company their enthusiasm, their creativity and they personal artistic touch and contribution. Pintdecor is now leaded from the Conti family’s third generation. It still offers a collection of unique home accessories, where design, hand made decorations and innovative techniques come first. Pintdecor products also combine Italian handcrafts and style to an exclusive quality/price ratio.
Pintdecor production is mainly in the Rimini area, thanks to a team of high qualified artisans and workmen. The products design and ideas still come from Pintdecor, in Riccione. The company still gets its taste for beauty and its aesthetic sense from the near and well known schools of art.
Pintdecor wants to give everyone the possibility to personalize with style, passion and art houses, schools or offices. The company wants to bring art and authenticity into everyone’s space, highlighting beautiful finishing and attention to details. We shouldn’t forget that each product is hand decorated with great passion, and this is the secret of the success, for all Pintdecor collections.

SPIKE - Mirror by Pintdecor

  • Brand: Pintdecor
  • Product Code: P3036
  • Delivery Time: 2-3 Weeks
  • 440.00€
  • 374.00€

  • Ex Tax: 306.56€

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