Mirrors for your bedroom, mirrors for your living room, for your doorway, for your hallway… every room of your house could be the perfect place for a nice mirror!
Nicecasa mirrors are made for both a practical and a decorative use. You’ll be able to look in the mirror and to adorn your house or office with style at the same time.
You can use a mirror to create the illusion of depth. For example, a big mirror can enlarge a small room, or an horizontal mirror can make a narrow hallway or staircase look wider. You could also use a mirror to reflect something you really like such as a nice picture, an important chandelier or an amazing view.
Nicecasa has selected for you a range of mirrors, which are different in size, colour and model, so that you can choose the one that best fits your interiors and your personal taste.
Passion and tradition characterize nicecasa mirrors. Almost all of them have been designed, created and hand decorated in Italy.

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ADAMO ED EVA - Mirror by Pintdecor

This extra large wall mirror has an oval, tall mirror in the middle and two figu..

620.50€ 730.00€ Ex Tax: 508.61€

ATOLLO - Mirror by Pintdecor

A big mirror, perfect for giving a room a feeling of simplicity and elegance.The..

561.00€ 660.00€ Ex Tax: 459.84€

CIRCLES ARGENTO - Mirror by Pintdecor

This precious wall mirror has a modern and original design with six circular fra..

645.69€ 760.00€ Ex Tax: 529.25€

CIRCLES MEDIA - Mirror by Pintdecor

A double mirror with circular frames that create a perfect balance effect betwee..

374.00€ 440.00€ Ex Tax: 306.56€

CIRCLES PICCOLA - Mirror by Pintdecor

This mirror design is very simple, modern and original. The structure includes t..

170.00€ 200.00€ Ex Tax: 139.34€

CLEO - Mirror by Pintdecor

A big, beautiful mirror to reflect the entire body and create a graceful atmosph..

578.00€ 680.00€ Ex Tax: 473.77€

COME HERE GO UP - Mirror by Pintdecor

Mirror that takes up the street art of creating graffiti on the walls to create ..

374.00€ 440.00€ Ex Tax: 306.56€

COUNTRY - Mirror by Pintdecor

Classic, modern, country: three different styles in one single mirror. The mirro..

280.50€ 330.00€ Ex Tax: 229.92€

DIAMANTE - Mirror by Pintdecor

This wall mirror has a triangle shape. You can hang it either vertically or hori..

374.00€ 440.00€ Ex Tax: 306.56€

GEMMA - Mirror by Pintdecor

A decorative mirror, with a triangular shaped frame, with soft lines and sm..

433.50€ 510.00€ Ex Tax: 355.33€

LUCKY - Mirror by Pintdecor

This is a decorative mirror, to add a bit of modern style to your wall. The flor..

433.50€ 510.00€ Ex Tax: 355.33€

OCCHIALI - Mirror by Pintdecor

A pair of glasses, but also a double mirror. This is a bizarre but elegant home ..

280.50€ 330.01€ Ex Tax: 229.92€

ONDE - Mirror by Pintdecor

Big, rectangular shaped wall mirror, perfect for either vertical or horizontal h..

535.50€ 630.00€ Ex Tax: 438.93€

PETALO - Mirror by Pintdecor

A large, petal shaped mirror, that can be hung vertically, but also horizontally..

374.00€ 440.00€ Ex Tax: 306.56€

PETUNIA - Mirror by Pintdecor

This wall mirror has a rectangular shaped frame with floral decorations. It is a..

595.00€ 700.00€ Ex Tax: 487.70€

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