Coat Racks

Coat racks… these home accessories can’t certainly miss in any home or office!  They are functional in the door way but also practical to keep the other rooms tidy. For example: you can use a coat hanger in the bed room for your clothes, in the bathroom for the towels or even in the sitting room to hang you guests’ coats.
Nicecasa has selected for you a range of coat wall racks and freestanding racks, with exclusive design and materials.
Coat hangers are also ideal to furnish small spaces with your favourite style: contemporary, ethnic, modern, classic. Just choose the one you like to live up you interiors and make them cozy and welcoming. 
Nicecasa coat racks are made in Italy from manufactures that give an extreme importance to material selection, design innovation and work accuracy.


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APPENDIROSA - Coat Rack by Pintdecor

This decorative coat rack in realized with MDF. The framework is black lacquered..

595.00€ 700.00€ Ex Tax: 487.70€

HOME - Coat Rack by Pintdecor

Full of colour, lively and functional: this wall-mounted coat rack is a nice acc..

531.25€ 625.00€ Ex Tax: 435.45€

MELITEA - Coat Rack by Pintdecor

Wall-mounted coat rack, in the shape of two butterflies and with three big chrom..

153.00€ 180.00€ Ex Tax: 125.41€

MIMMO Valet Stand - Coat Rack by Happy Design / Del Fabbro

A valet stand which is also a beautiful home accessory? Here it is! Mimmo valet ..

144.45€ 180.00€ Ex Tax: 118.40€

MOLECOLE - Coat Rack by Pintdecor

This wide wall-mounted coat rack is lacquered in three different colours: black,..

408.00€ 480.00€ Ex Tax: 334.43€

PERSEO - Coat Rack by Pintdecor

Two overlapping frameworks create this elegant and original wall-mounted coat ra..

780.00€ Ex Tax: 639.34€

PIOVRA - Coat Rack by Pintdecor

This high wall-mounted coat rack is made of two different MDF frameworks. The ma..

739.50€ 870.00€ Ex Tax: 606.15€

STEC - Coat Rack by Karn / Del Fabbro

Simplicity, plainness and functionality are the main ingredients of this oak coa..

186.30€ 207.40€ Ex Tax: 152.70€

STEC A MURO - Wall Coat Rack by Karn / Del Fabbro

The clean and simple design of this wall coat rack hides some very nice and usef..

119.26€ 140.30€ Ex Tax: 97.75€

YOU&ME - Coat Rack by Pintdecor

If you would like to adorn your house with a bit of romance, without giving up a..

238.00€ 280.00€ Ex Tax: 195.08€

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