Do you ever wander around the house looking for the right time? In your office, people look around searching for a clock?
Problem solved! Nicecasa offers an elegant and smart wall clock collection. The clocks not only will give you the time but will also decorate your house or office with style and preciousness. Nicecasa wall clocks are specifically designed to furnish your interiors. They have been created to bring warmth, refinement and originality into your home or office.You will be able to choose within different styles: modern, contemporary, classic but also ethnic.
Our wall clocks have been made from expert craftsmen, which created unique and exclusive pieces to light up your days with real works of art. Most of nicecasa clocks are entirely made in Italy. They all have a quartz mechanism, which means extreme precision.

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ACQUE AGITATE - Clock by Pintdecor

This square shaped wall clock is hand decorated from Pintdecor artistis. The str..

289.00€ 340.00€ Ex Tax: 236.89€

BIG BEN- Clock by Pintdecor

Modern wall clock on a stretched canvas with the Big Ben picture.  The d..

68.00€ 80.00€ Ex Tax: 55.74€

CRONO - Clock by Pintdecor

This original wall clock has four different small clocks which are carved in bas..

110.50€ 130.00€ Ex Tax: 90.57€

FOLD TIME - Clock by Pintdecor

Big rectangular shape wall clock, 100% made in Italy.   The main structu..

220.82€ 260.00€ Ex Tax: 181.00€

FOSSILE - Clock by Pintdecor

Square shaped wall clock on a silver canvas panel, with glossy finish. ..

102.00€ 120.00€ Ex Tax: 83.61€

MAGMA TIME - Clock by Pintdecor

Magma is a special wall clock, which has been inspired from the hottest substanc..

229.36€ 270.00€ Ex Tax: 188.00€

MINUTI SECONDI - Clock by Pintdecor

This big rectangular shape wall clock is entirely made in Italy. ..

330.62€ 390.00€ Ex Tax: 271.00€

NEROLOSI - Clock by Pintdecor

This wall clock has a structure on two levels. The big panel is covered with a c..

287.92€ 340.00€ Ex Tax: 236.00€

ORLOI - Clock by Karn / Del Fabbro

This wall clock is available in natural oak or in ash thermotreated wood. I..

112.24€ 140.30€ Ex Tax: 92.00€

RUOTA - Clock by Pintdecor

This clock is the mirror of the Italian creativity and tradition. Pintdecor..

364.78€ 430.00€ Ex Tax: 299.00€

SOLE LUNA BIANCO - Clock by Pintdecor

This wall clock is shaped on an MDF panel and then ivory lacquered. The sun a..

305.00€ 360.00€ Ex Tax: 250.00€

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