About Us

Nicecasa is a young and dynamic start up that sells furniture and home accessories online.

The project was born from the dreams and from the exuberance of three people: Luisa, Claudio, Daniele.

    Luisa was born in Cagliari where she grows up and graduates. Then, with her Sardinian spirit, she flies to fairy land: Ireland. Between and elf and a goblin, this Country gives her a deep knowledge of the internet. She works here for different international companies and after eight years she goes back to Italy where she keeps working in the web marketing field.

    Claudio has a strong experience in the furniture industry. Since he was a kid he lives in the world of wood and its derivatives.  This is thanks to his father, a pioneer of the furniture sales representation in the north east of Italy. Claudio, between a dresser and a molding, keeps on working as freelance sales rep for several top furniture companies.

    Daniele’s pragmatism is the secret of his success. He has always been an excellent problem solver, thanks to his calm and obstinacy. After studying in Bologna and working abroad he becomes a sales manager for national and international leader companies, in the IT industry.

Nicecasa was born from the different experiences of these three persons. It is an online shop that sells the products of our Country, Italy, with one specific goal: make your house look beautiful! The beauty we have in mind is based on three concepts: product quality, attention to details and technological innovation.

Nicecasa way of life is giving its customers the opportunity to enjoy decorating houses, offices, hotels with elegance and preciousness. Nicecasa looks at the enormous furniture and home accessories world and selects products which are useful and beautiful. 

Nicecasa highlights for you all the home accessories and furniture we think are pleasant and convenient to adorn your interiors. The product selection comes from the experience of Nicecasa founders, with the help of field experts. We offer products with a strong appeal and always in line with the new trends and styles.