Valeri glassware factory was born in Pordenone, in northern Italy, back in 1961.

His founder Giuseppe, called Bepi, became soon a master craft worker creating glass works of art and home accessories such as sculptures, mirrors, coloured walls, doors, tables.
The founder improved his glass working techniques in Murano, the most famous Venetian island for glass making.

So, from a little artisan shop, Valeri became a small family factory that keeps innovating its glass working techniques with passion and care, to create some unique pieces of art. The glass making tradition continues with Isa and Denis, Bepi’s daughter and son. They never get tired to experiment, to test the latest generations machines and to work on new art project.

When Isa and Denis they met Giulio Iurissevich, they decided to work together on the VALERIE collection. A project where the passion for glass meets Giulio Iurisseich illustrations and create some exclusive works of art with a unique style and personality.

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Valerie - Art on Glass

Valerie Art and Glass, a perfect match in the new collection by Valeri glassw..

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